Texture pack Excalibur Mod Support by Maffhew

  • Excalibur Mod Support by Maffhew

    Adds Excalibur mod support for popular mods.
    • 3189047
    • 6.71 MB
    • 1.19.4
    • February 8, 2022
    • May 2, 2023
    • 16x
      Mod Support
    Excalibur Mod Support
Texture Pack Information
NameExcalibur Mod Support
DescriptionAdds Excalibur mod support for popular mods.
InformationDownloads: 3189047
Version: 1.19.4
Size: 6.71 MB
Updated at: May 2, 2023
Created at: February 8, 2022
Mod Support

This addon fixes missing or out of place textures in popular mods.



Please use in tandem with Excalibur


Want to help out? Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/qYZ9Pen


Current Mods Supported..


Just Enough Items

Roughly Enough Items

Guard Villagers

Inventory Sorting

AqUpd's Grizzy Bears


Backpacked GUI

Traveler's Backpack GUI

Xaero's Minimap

Better Foliage

Animal Feeding Trough

Biomes o Plenty - thanks Odes & Brass_McCrafty!

Nature's Compass - thanks TimothyWiggins!

Explorer's Compass - thanks Grayscale!

Comforts - thanks Brass_McCrafty!

Farmer's Delight - thanks TimmothyWiggins127!

Sheep Consistency - thanks GrandPappyJay!

Voxelmap - thanks ari!

Classic Bars - thanks TimmothyWiggins127!

Simply Backpacks - thanks Brass_McCrafty!

XP Tome - thanks Brass_McCrafty!