Modpack Mineshafts & Monsters by bstylia14

  • Mineshafts & Monsters by bstylia14

    An RPG modpack that actually gives the player an immersive storyline and complex worldview.
    • 1830216
    • 146.32 MB
    • 1.16.5
    • January 15, 2021
    • November 9, 2022
    • Adventure and RPG
    Mineshafts & Monsters
Modpack Information
NameMineshafts & Monsters
DescriptionAn RPG modpack that actually gives the player an immersive storyline and complex worldview.
InformationDownloads: 1830216
Version: 1.16.5
Size: 146.32 MB
Updated at: November 9, 2022
Created at: January 15, 2021
Adventure and RPG

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  • A Complete Compulsory Quest-line, and a Good Amount of Side Quests
  • An Immersive Storyline!
  • Many QOL Mods
  • Hundreds of New Structures
  • An In-depth Wiki Page to Provide You with Crucial Information about This Pack [Link]
  • Hundreds of Animals, Monsters and Dragons
  • Mobs of Different Factions fight with Each Other! (Cross-mod compatibility!)
  • Reputation System for Different Factions
  • Breath-taking Biomes and Complete Cave Overhaul
  • Use Chunk Loader to keep the colony working while you go off exploring!

LITE Version:

Try it if you want:

- Better FPS

- Lower Ram Usage

- A More Vanilla-like experience



Try it if you want:
- An Adventure Only Experience

- Combat Leveling up

- NO Minecolonies (Kingdom Building) and Fame System




Gameplay - English:

100 Days in the Mowzie's Update of Mineshaft and Monsters -

100 Days in the QOL Update of Mineshafts & Monsters (SMP!) -

*Note: Many bugs and crashes of the QOLUpdate have been fixed thanks to this video :D

Gameplay - Russian/русский:

Полное прохождение сборки Mineshafts and Monsters в обновлении Mowzies Mob -


1) Install Overwolf Curseforge Launcher:

2) Allocate Enough Ram to Minecraft, but NOT TOO MUCH.

3) Search 'Mineshafts & Monsters' in modpack, install it.

4) Install Optifine and remove magnesium if you want Shaders and Bonus Features. Keep everything untouched if you want the best performance and nothing else.



Full Version: 6 GB Minimum, 7-8 GB Recommended

Lite Version: 4 GB Minimum, 6-7 GB Recommended

Q: Why is the quest-book empty?

A: The quest-book tracks your progression, if you didn't make any you won't see any. To get started, follow the objective (kill pillager) and trade with villagers.

Q: Why are some mods not working as intended?

A: This pack HEAVILY customizes each mod to fit the pack's need. Some mechanics are gated or disabled. Either way we recommend just going in the pack without knowing anything and learning along the way with the in-game guide books (or online mod wiki if needed).

Q: Can I remove/add mods inside the pack?
A: You can add or remove any mod and play for personal use. However, I would strongly suggest you NOT to remove mods in the pack since it messes up the game progressions. If you want to play a highly customizable pack, I would suggest the older version "U Die U Noob" releases, since no progression line is created in that release.

Q: What is the difference between adventure and normal version?

A: Adventure version is the version WITHOUT minecolonies. It uses 'rereskillable', which is the feature that RLCraft uses to lock items behind levels. Normal version contains the normal minecolonies and fame system.

Q: Can I remove the resource pack?

A: Don’t, it is integral for this pack for multiple reasons.

Q: Do I need optifine?

A: It's highly recommended. But if it's causing issues, you can remove it, though some things can be buggy and out of place.

Q: The pack is laggy for me, what can I do?


Try the LITE Version!

Lag Spikes: Make sure you didn't allocate too little or too much RAM to the game, both can cause performance issues. Also, pre-generate using World Pregenerator!

FPS Lag: Sadly due to the size of the pack, FPS dips are inevitable. With that being said, A decent computer should be able to run the pack with optifine/sodium at a constant 80+ fps though. As for shaders, the most compatible shaders are already located in the shaders folder, but realistically only "Builder's QOL" is recommended for normal PCs.

Q: Why are there no server.jar in the server pack?

A: You need to make a forge server first, then drag the server pack inside the server. Also, make sure to read README.txt and follow the instructions!


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