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  • Minevolution by _ForgeUser10587579

    A Minecraft game of constant growth and upgrades.
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    • 1.8.1
    • October 4, 2014
    • December 21, 2014
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Map Information
DescriptionA Minecraft game of constant growth and upgrades.
InformationDownloads: 212798
Version: 1.8.1
Size: 806.03 KB
Updated at: December 21, 2014
Created at: October 4, 2014
Game Map

Minevolution is a game without boundaries. It consists of breaking an infinite stone to buy better tools and gather better resources through trades.

It initially started as an experiment to see how powerful the efficiency enchantment could get, and then it became the madness it is now.

From the moment where you fist break the stone, to the point you hire the most experienced miners of their time, you level up in your resources and jewels. All of this without ever having to leave the same place.